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“International School of Mathematics and Programming” 

Algorithmics is a Russian based International Programming class for kids aged 4.5-17 years.

Algorithmics is present in 25 countries like Russia, the US, Australia, China, Canada, and others teaching over 1,50,000 students including 400+ schools.

It is a unique IT platform for teaching programming to kids on an interactive visual-centric software where they solve tasks and create their own projects while teachers and parents can track the students’ progress and manage the learning process.

We use a blended approach i.e. theory and project-based learning. We teach the basics of programming along with soft skills required in our day-to-day life like logical thinking, teamwork, presentation skills resulting in the overall development of the student.

Key takeaways from the courses:

  • Importance of algorithmic thinking and applying it in daily activities
  • An understanding of the programming language from an International Academy using a blended approach i.e. theory + project based
  • International Certificate on completion of the course from Algorithmics, Russia
  • An opportunity to participate in the International Marsiade Competition
  • Develops a student’s interest in other STEAM disciplines – Math, Physics, Chemistry and so on – Development of soft skills and a confidence booster
  • Development of soft skills and a confidence booster
  • Boosts the child’s problem-solving skills and nurtures the child’s creativity
  • Academic and personality development of the child

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