At the beginning I would like to thank you so much to give this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you by visiting our official web site and using your valuable time in studying the content of our web site. We never express that we are and or we intend to be the biggest or the leading company in Trade and other solutions in India, but we always insist to express that “We tried our best”

We have been an established Real Estate Development company aged at 54 years. A family owned business having its footprint in Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru under the brand name KUMAR PROPERTIES. In the endeavor to give the best and reach out to the masses and make our country proud. We started Zida Impex in the year of 2006. Our moto is to connect dots all across the world and help each other complete their demands or avail the product they are looking for. We started small with metal products and now we intend to explore and increase our footprints in various other sectors like FMCG, Healthcare and Agriculture for now.

Mr Ameya Jain

We are a strong believer that we INDIAN’S can do so much better and reach out to every corner of the world with our ideas, products and services.

WE are open for association and take pride in promoting MAKE IN INDIA.

Zida Impex is constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities utilizing a professional and effective team spirit and for those who have not worked with us yet, we would say “Try Us Out”


Zida Impex was established in 2006 with an idea of “Backward Integration” for trading in construction material. The company started trading in Aluminium products from Shanghai to India. The company strengthen it’s ties in helping China to connect with other parts of the globe. In the process of growth and learning, the company established stronger and networks across the world which led to better opportunities and possibilities. Having said that, in this mission to make both ends meet ‘Zida Impex LLP’ never stopped being responsible, transparent and a trustworthy company.